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Become the king of the barbecue with the Weber Grill Academy Alsace ®.

The Grill Academy of the Weber brand, the inventor of the covered barbecue, has set up its stoves in Alsace, at the Hameau d'Eguisheim. The world of the barbecue will have no more secrets for you after a course given by Jeen Heine, grill master of "Chez Mémé". Whether it's charcoal, gas, pellet or plancha, Jeen offers a range of advice during these convivial moments in the courtyard of our wine estate in Eguisheim.

Grill classes like in the USA, but in Eguisheim

Every self-respecting carnivore dreams of aperfectly cooked, rare prime rib. You know, with that delicious crust that coats the meat in a delicate grilled flavour... Are you salivating yet? With the Weber Grill Academy Alsace cooking courses, you learn, among other things, that it is the famous Maillard reaction, obtained at a temperature of about 250°C, that gives the steak this taste.

You will also learn how to cook with a lid on; the secret to releasing the flavours and tenderness of sausages and meat. At the end of the course, the budding roasters are invited to share their dishes, matched with wines from the Pierre-Henri Ginglinger family estate.

Find inspiration for your next barbecue with friends

Tired of cooking the same thing over and over? Chef Jeen Heine also gives you some tips on how to make a perfect marinade and how to cut up the meat.

During the Grill Weber Academy Alsace course, like a serial griller, you prepare a complete menu on the barbecue, such as pizza, fish or amazing desserts.

On your aprons! Ready to go? Grill!

Book your barbecue course with our partner, Chez Mémé

The Weber Grill Academy Alsace courses take place in our charming guest house, the Hameau d'Eguisheim. They can be booked directly with our partner Jeen Heine, "Chez Mémé".

Grill course: from €39 per person

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